When Injunction is refused

Under section 56 of Specific Relief Act 1877 and Injunction cannot be granted on the following:-
1. To stay a judicial proceeding pending at the institution of the suit in which the injunction is sought unless such restraint is necessary to prevent a multiplicity of proceedings.
2. To stay proceeding in a court not subordinate to that from which the injunction is sought.
3. To restrain person from applying to any legislative body.
4. To interfere with the public duties of any department of the Federal Government or any Provisional Government or with the sovereign acts of Foreign Government.
5. To stay proceeding in any criminal matter.
6. To prevent the breach of a contract the performance of which would not be specifically enforced.
7. To prevent on the ground of nuisance an act of which it is not reasonable clear that it will be a nuisance.
8. To prevent a continuing breach in which the applicant has acquiesced.
9. When equally efficacious relief can certainly be obtained by any other usual mode of proceeding except in case of breach of trust.
10. When the conduct of the applicant or his agents has been such as to disentitle him to the assistance of the court.
11. Where the applicant has no personal interest in the matter.

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