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The drafting is one of the most important tools of the legal profession. The superior writing skills are an imperative part of the profession and are essential to success. Words are used to advocate, inform, persuade and instruct. Legal documents require the special legal phrases, jargon, maxim and legal terminology. Every word which is used should contribute to your absolute message by using concise and action words, omitting the extraneous words, shorten complex sentences, eliminate redundancies and keeping it simple.

The drafter should have excellent knowledge of English Grammar and as well as Legal English. The document must be logically clear and concise and to avoid grammatical and lexical errors with respect to the style of a legal text. At the end editing of the writing ruthlessly is necessary by omitting unnecessary words and proof reading is very much important otherwise opposite lawyer or client can undermine the credibility and you can be defeated.

Our Basic drafting services are free of charge. You can download notices, agreements and deed free of charge.

Iqbal International Law Services ® provide standard legal drafting services to our valuable clients on every topic and subject for the drafting of local to international agreements, contracts and assignments. This service is provided from individual to any partnership and companies for the drafting of business settlement, account settlement, Lending the money, Partnership, Agency formations, contracts, Agreements, sale of land, plot, machinery and goods agreements, we also draft the all kind of negotiable instruments like promissory note and Bill of exchange etc.

All kinds of Power of attorneys, All agreements, indemnities and guarantees, Bonds, All kind of Deeds and Releases, partitions Gifts, Trust, Mortgages, Deeds and Leases.

For individuals we provide the rent agreements, Power of Attorney, Sale Deeds. We also draft the matrimonial agreements like kabin name, marriage settlement, Marriage terms and Conditions, Maintenance documents, Dower and Dowry documents, Divorce Documents.

Apart from the Deeds and agreements we also provide Notice drafting services for example notice of demand, notice for possession, notice for damages, Notice to creditor, notice requiring abatement and notice for dishonor of cheque etc.

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