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The accurate and correct legal consultancy for drafting the case is the indispensable part of the triumphant case. Thus, it is essential to know whether the case is fit for suing or not. We offer advices, enquiry and consultation on all our practicing areas which covers matrimonial laws, succession and rent law, civil, corporate and business laws. Iqbal International Law Services® provide genuinely analysis of each particular case on its claiming and defendants aspects before going into court of law. We review and give entire consultation with winning percentages & weakness and high depth of law involvement. The aim of our consultancy services for our local and foreign clients is to give analysis their case in high-depth with high quality services reaching any outcome before suing. Iqbal International Law Services® provide basic and introductory unlimited enquiry and consultation to individuals and business companies free of cost but if you want get written any advice with related laws and latest higher court’s rulings then you have to pay very little cost to meet our expenses. After brief analysis of the case we send legal notice on behalf of our clients with a minimum involvement on behalf of our clients and saving them financially. This is FREE service of M/S Iqbal International Law Services. Iqbal International Law Services® Provide massive range of consultancy on Civil, Family, Succession, Rent, Property, Appeals, Constitutions Petitions, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property field of Law to esteemed clients and other general Public in Pakistan and All over the round absolute FREE. We are present round the Clock for any kind of Legal Consultancy with interactive chat on mobile calls, sending email, and other electronic media as well as voice and video links. Your Email Response is guaranteed within 30 minutes to six hours due to time difference. We charge only on Legal Support while defending or claiming your right in the court of law. While our rudimentary and introductory consultancy is free. Anyone can reach us by sending web form on our website, through online chat software, Skype call, or through on our given email.

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