Certified Copies of The Courts

A certified copy mean the court attested copy which is obtain through the legal process of certification of original documents which are already filed in the court in any case. In Pakistan only concern person/party of the case can obtain these kinds of copies.

However these copies can be obtained through Lawyer/practicing advocate within the Pakistan on filing their Authorize letter/vakalatnama and after payment of cost the documents are certified and issued which are accepted as original in any court of law or department.

The service of Certified copies for overseas Pakistani and as well as for foreigner or those Pakistani who live anywhere in Pakistan or outside Pakistan  in any part of the world require the certified copies of any document from the court, any judgment, Decree, order in any case/suit from the court/judicial file/record. We provide this service and obtain the certified copies officially through proper court procedure after payment of the cost from any court.

For saving the time and money of our clients we appear in the concern courts on our valuable clients and with proper legal procedure by filing application along with clients authorize letter/vakalatnama on our client behalf and apply for the certified documents, order, decree, judgment the after obtaining we send them through safe courier service.

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