Legal Translation in any language is not simple and easy then other translations. It is a field of law. Only law professional translators specializing in legal translation should translate the legal document in respective language.

The mistranslated can be caused of loose the money and sometime could lead to lawsuits. Apart from the terminology lacunae or lexical gap, the translator may focus on the textual conventions, and variety of different principles defined as different approaches to translation in translation theory. There is confusion between the names of some of the translation standards used in legal practice. Not many lawyers and judges are familiar with the terminology used in Translation Theory.
Iqbal International Law Services® provide the translation services in all world major languages officially. We provide the services for the translations of the documents like Identity Card, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, and other documents and as well as court orders, Judgments and Decree in to the following language of the world:-

1)Arabic 2) French 3) Dutch 4) German 5) Spanish 6) Italian 7) Russian 8) Hindi 9) Chinese 10) Turkish 11) English 12) Urdu

We also provide the service from the translation of the documents from the above world languages to Urdu or English language with legal and authorize attestation and notarization.

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