Rights and Liabilities of Lessor and Lessee

In the absence of a contract or local usage to the contrary the lessor and the lessee of immoveable property as against one another respectively possess the rights and are subject to the liabilities mentioned in the rules next following or such or them as are app
licable to the property leased.

Rights and Liabilities of Lessor

(a) The lessor is bound to disclose to the lessee any material defect in the property, with reference to its intended use of which the former is and the latter is not aware and which the latter could not with ordinary care discover.
(b) The lessor is bound on the lessee’s request to put him in possession of the property.
(c) The lessor shall be deemed to contract with the lessee that if the latter pays the rent reserved by the lease and performs the contracts binding on the lessee he may hold the property during the time limited by the lease without interruption.

Rights and Liabilities of Lessee

(a) If during the continuance of the lease any accession is made to the property such accession subject to the law relating to allusion for the time being in force shall be deemed to be comprised in the lease.
(b) If by fire tempest or flood or violence of any army or of a mob or other irresistible force any material part of the property be, wholly destroyed or rendered substantially and permanently unfit for the purpose for which it was let the lease shall at the option for the lessee be void.

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