Maintenance of Wife

According to Islamic Injunctions it is the obligation of a husband to maintain his wife till she disobeys him without any good cause and that being so a husband is obliged to pay even the arrears of maintenance if not paid during the subsistence of the marriage if the wife has not given any cause for their non-payment. It an obligation under the law has not been fulfilled for sometime by paying maintenance husband cannot be absolved of his responsibility to fulfill that obligation even at the later stage, as such the arrears of maintenance would be considered to be a debt upon the husband who is liable to pay the same even in the absence of nay agreement or a decree in favor of the wife. According to Islam a wife has only to show for payment of maintenance allowances that she has been neglected by her husband for such and such time and has not been paid maintenance without any fault. Where the husband alleges that he has divorced his wife but the wife produces a decree of civil court annulling the dissolution of marriage, the husband is bound to maintain the wife notwithstanding his plea.

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