Maintenance of the Children

An able-bodied Muslim father is bound to pay maintenance to his children, so long as they are unable to maintain themselves. The father is bound to maintain his sons until age of puberty while daughters would have to be maintained by him until their marriage.

This is regardless of the fact where they stay. Therefore so long as children were with their mother and unless custody thereof was disturbed as result of proper legl proceedings, liability of father to provide adequate maintenance would be absolute and is not dependent or affected by their residence. The facts at their marriage in whose custody they are is sufficient amount to maintain her children it is the duty of the father under the law to maintain till they attain the age of majority. He is bound to pay educational expenses of the children from the time when they begin to go to school. Father is duty bound to maintain his daughter till her marriage and she is ot be disentitle to maintained for reasons that she lives her mother who never claim maintenance from her husband.

Father is legally and morally bound to maintain his child. One of the criteria for determining the quantum of maintenance is the income and status of the father but it does not mean that by taking total income of the father and divide it on some objectives and unknown principles the court grant allowances on unfounded mathematical rule and as per required of child including food, clothing, lodging, education, medical care and some amount of extra curriculum activities of the minor.

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