In what cases Injunction cannot be granted

1. When plaintiff fails to prove the prima facie case of his title and possession.
2. Alternative remedy available by way of compensation.
3. Grant of injunction telling upon internal management of and disturbing its working.
4. Petitioner coming to court with unclean hands
5. Restraint order against payment of irrevocable letter of credit or bank guarantee particularly should not ordinarily be granted on account of its serious repercussion on international trade.
6. Restraining defendants from publishing any news item about plaintiff alleged malpractice.
7. Expired contract.
8. Offering of namaz with jamat or otherwise.
9. Plaintiff not claiming permanent injunction cannot claim grant of interim injunction.
10. Oral agreement.

  1. Pecuniary compensation possible
    12. Injunction not to be granted in violation of accepted principles of freedom of speech.
    13. Grant of injunction is equitable relief, it is seldom granted when in opinion of court plaintiff is able to remedy his own grievance.
    14. Suit for declaration and permanent injunction to safeguard construction where permission revocable at the option of licensor.
    15. Keen struggle between parties is not ground of injunction.
    16. Injunction should not be granted to suspend operation of decree to avoid frustration to the successful party.
    17. Injunction not be granted to a person who comes to court with malafide intention or in aid of injustice.
    18. Dispute between parties related to payment of specified amount court would take into account comparative inconvenience or mischief which is likely to be result from granting or refusing the same.
    19. Violation of section 42 Land Revenue Act ca safely be expressed that applicant have no prima facie case.

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