Hindu Women Right to Agricultural Land

Under section 3 of West Pakistan Hindu Women’s Rights to Agricultural Land Ordinance 1959 When a Hindu governed by the Dayabhaga School of Hindu Law dies intestate leaving any agricultural land and a Hindu governed by any other school of Hindu Law or by customary law dies intestate leaving separate agricultural land his widow or if there are more than one widow all his widows together shall subject to the law be entitled in respect of the agricultural land in respect of which he dies intestate to the same share as a son.

The widow of predeceased son shall inherit in like manner as a son if there is no son surviving of such predeceased son and shall inherit in like manner as son’s son if there is surviving a son or son’s son of such predeceased son.
When a Hindu governed by any school of Hindu Law other than the Dayabhaga School or by customary law dies having at the time of his death an interest in a Hindu joint family agricultural land his widow shall subject to law be entitled to the same interest in the agricultural land as he himself had.

Any interest devolving in a Hindu widow under the provision of this section shall be the limited interest known in Hindu Law as Hindu women estate provided however that she shall have the same right of claiming partition as a male owner.

The provision of this section shall not apply to an estate which by a customary or other rule of succession or by the terms of the grant applicable thereto descends to a single heir or to any property to which the succession Act 1925 applies.

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