Grounds for Decree for Dissolution of Muslim Marriage

Muslim married women under Muslim Law shall be entitled to obtain a decree for the dissolution of her marriage on any one or more of the following grounds.

1. That the whereabouts of the husband have not been known for a period of four years.
2. That the husband has neglected or has failed to provide for her maintenance for a period of two years.
3. That the husband has been sentenced to imprisonment for a period of seven years or upwards.
4. That the husband has failed to perform without reasonable cause his marital obligation for a period of three years.
5. That the husband was impotent at the time of marriage and continues to be so.
6. That the husband has been insane for a period of two years or is suffering from leprosy or a virulent venereal disease.
7. That she, having been given in marriage by her father or other guardian before she attained the age of sixteen years, repudiated the marriage before attaining the age of eighteen years.
8. Lian (lian mean where the husband has accused his wife of zina and the wife does not accept the accusation as true)
9. That the husband treats her with cruelty that is to say

(a) Habitually assaults her or makes her life miserable by cruelty of conduct even if such conduct does not amount to physical ill-treatment, or
(b) Associates with women of evil repute or leads an infamous life or
(c) Attempts to force her to lead an immoral life or
(d) Disposes of her property or prevents her exercising her legal rights over it or
(e) Obstructs her n the observance of her religious profession or practice or
(f) If he has more wives than one does not treat her equitably in accordance with the injunctions of the Quran,
10. Any other ground which is recognized as valid for the dissolution of marriage under Muslim Law.

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