Enforcement of Shari’ah Law in Pakistan

In 1991 the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) of the Pakistan has passed the Enforcement of Shari’ah Act as sovereignty over the entire Universe belongs to Almighty Allah alone and authority to be exercised by the People of Pakistan through their chosen representatives with the limits of prescribed by Him is a sacred trust.

Islam has been declared to be the State of religion of Pakistan and it is obligatory for all Muslims to follow the Injunctions of Holy Qur’an and Sunnah to regulate and order their lives in completed submission to the Diving law.

According to the said law teaching of and training in the Shari’ah Islamic jurisprudence and all other branches of Islamic law will be at appropriate levels of education and profession training and as well in the law colleges. The state will take necessary steps to ensure that the education system of Pakistan is based on Islamic values of learning teaching and character building. It was recommended that the economic system will be made as envisaged by articles 38 of the Constitution of Pakistan. The state will take necessary steps to promote Islamic values through the mass media.

In order to protect the life, Honor, liberty, property and the right of the citizen, the state shall take legislative and administrative measure to introduce administrative and police reforms, prevent acts of terrorism and sabotage and disruptive activities and prevent the possession and display of illicit arms.

The state shall take legislative and administrative measure to eliminate bribery corruption and malpractice and provide the exemplary punishment for such offences. Effective and legal administrative measure shall be taken by the State to eradicate obscenity vulgarity and other moral vices. Nizam-e-adle and bait-ul-mal will be setup. The measure will be taken for the protection of reputation and honor of the citizen of false imputations character assassination and violation of privacy.

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