Contracts which are not specifically enforceable under the law

Under section 21 of the Specific Relief Act 1877 the following contracts cannot be specifically enforced;-
1. A contract for the non-performance of which compensation in money is an adequate relief.
2. A contract which runs into such minute or numerous details or which is so dependent on the personal qualifications or violation of the parties or otherwise from its nature is such that the court cannot enforce specific performance of its material terms.
3. A contract the terms of which the courts cannot find with reasonable certainty.
4. A contract which is in its nature revocable.
5. A contract made by trustees either in excess of their powers or in breach of their trust.
6. A contract made by or on behalf of a corporation of public company created for special purposes or by the promoters of such company which is in excess of its power.
7. A contract the performance of which involves the performance of a continuous duty extending over a longer period than three years from its date.
8. A contract of which is material part of the subject-matter supposed by both parties to exist has before it has been made ceased to exist.

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